Getting To Grips With……

…well, everything really! It’s a new year, and I’m trying to sort out all the things I want to do and achieve this year. And, I’d better start by learning how to use some of the things I’ve found on the wonderful world web. Things like Google+, very different from Facebook….I don’t really want to mess about appointing circles to every post, I tend to have the people I want to talk to on my friends list. So on FB I just post something and it gets as far as the people on my list, what happens on Google+? When you post something, does it automatically appear on the timeline of people who added you to their circle, whether you want to be there or not? and yes, you probably can specify who it goes to, but on FB, the only people it goes to are my friends’ list, I don’t have to sod about playing drop-down-menu-confusion…..

Pinterest…I cannot see for the life of me how to pin anything, thinking hammer and nails might work! If I click on anything there’s a whole lot of questions….like ‘what do you want to pin?’…I don’t know, by the time I got here I’d forgotten what I’d come to do.. utterly bloody pointless, log in and check in, yup, now a load of crap underneath asking me what I’m checking in to, choices of books and music and films and a whole lot more, most of which I’ve never heard of, I can’t see any practical use for Getglue whatsoever except to advertise their site for them when you connect your social network sites to it.

Klout….oh….dear…God! who the hell thought this up? I’m infuential in Orange County? I influence people I’ve never heard of (that just need me to invite them to Klout) Klout score seems to stay stable at around 46, I keep trying to disconnect everything from it, desperate to see if I can make it all the way down to a minus score. And who would care? Klout, I hate to tell you this, but no one gives a damn about your score.

Goodreads…now this is something I got to grips with immediately, easy to use, and full of good books to look out for, some of the recommendations I’ve had from people on there have introduced me to books I would never have heard of otherwise…pay attention Getglue etc. this is what a website should offer!

I’ll keep working on the rest and hope to make some kind of sense of it all as the year goes on.

Is it just me that gets confused by all the changes and new sites?, have you got the new Timeline on Facebook yet? How do you cope?


About Steve

I'm a toolmaker by trade, still working hard programming, setting and running CNC mills and lathes. I do a 72 miles round trip each day for work, driving through some of the most beautiful countryside rural England has to offer along the Wylye Valley next to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. I've been married to my Irish wife Catherine for 21 years, and we have two children, Sam, 19 and Megan, 17. I also have two grown up children from being married before, Gary, 35 with two boys, Eddie and Alfie, and Jeani, 31 also with two boys, Alfee and Max. I love walking, gardening, cooking, reading, music and good wine! I'm also a fanatical cricket fan, and firmly believe that if all the guns were put down and factions settled their differences on the field, countries would all settle down peacfully and moan about the umpires....much more civilised, and a hell of a lot cheaper.
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