Sense of Humour?

I thought about this, this evening, most (not all!) people have one, mine is rather odd…as far as my wife is concerned! I often read out, or show her things I’m reading off the web, sometimes she finds them as amusing as me, other times, it’s like we live on different planets. Same applies for TV sitcoms, books and cartoons. She finds Scrubs hilarious, I find it rather silly and repetitive, I like blogs, she thinks the people that write them are as odd as me..but we both agree on Terry Pratchett and Bill Bryson books!

I’ve had my sense of humour stretched to the limit this year, I can laugh off most of the things I have had to endure, like flexible cystoscopy….and believe me…if you can laugh THAT one off…you have a sense of humour!…but where mine fails is when the husband of my ex-wife…(from three odd decades ago) gets up-tight enough to send me a facebook message (from my ex-wife’s account) to ask me to “back off” after I had the temerity to say hello to her face to face for the first time since….about 1982! actually, I was with my younger daughter at a do in their village, and ex-wife was blocking the entrance to the beer time to think, should I have gone without the beer, and daughter without a cold drink? Just walk past like I’d never seen her before? or, as I did, stop and say hello, get a quick hug, let her chat to my daughter briefly and carry on?

So I got the message from him, now, how do you respond to such a ridiculous request…bearing in mind that I’d suffered plenty of abuse and insults from her in the past to always try and give her a wide berth and avoid confrontations? I decided to just ignore it, and not reply…I can, admittedly, on occasion…get a tad sarcastic, so sometimes it’s better to just shut.the.fuck.up. so I did, but I’m still seething about it really, and still trying to find the funny side!

I’m sure there’s one there somewhere!

On the subject of flexible cystoscopy, I had to have one several years ago, and that was DAMN uncomfortable, so having a consultant sit there and try and tell you now it won’t be “all that bad” is poor form. My GP convinced me that I “must” have it done and sent a letter of referral, and then the fun started….I made the appointment..they changed it..they changed it again, then I went along, and afterwards they made another two appointments, and changed them again..this time for the ultra sound and xray, went along for them to Bristol, got drenched in gel of some icky persuasion, that ended up soaked into my tee shirt, pants and pubes, along with a commentary of what was going on by a French(?) consultant with little English, although I did come away with the impression that the hulking giant of a consultant who will perform the next phase of terrify Steve will answer my questions (like WTF? and why me lord?), that’s assuming the appointment stands of course 🙂

And meanwhile…all my illusions about fairies have been shattered by two of the best bloggers I’ve encountered for a while on Twitter. Handflapper and Jillsmo Read them, they’re good 🙂


About Steve

I'm a toolmaker by trade, still working hard programming, setting and running CNC mills and lathes. I do a 72 miles round trip each day for work, driving through some of the most beautiful countryside rural England has to offer along the Wylye Valley next to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. I've been married to my Irish wife Catherine for 21 years, and we have two children, Sam, 19 and Megan, 17. I also have two grown up children from being married before, Gary, 35 with two boys, Eddie and Alfie, and Jeani, 31 also with two boys, Alfee and Max. I love walking, gardening, cooking, reading, music and good wine! I'm also a fanatical cricket fan, and firmly believe that if all the guns were put down and factions settled their differences on the field, countries would all settle down peacfully and moan about the umpires....much more civilised, and a hell of a lot cheaper.
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