One of those days!

Working nights doesn’t exactly make it easy to do things during the week, especially when you work a 13 and a half hour night shift…with an hour and a quarter drive at either end of it, like I do! So waking up yesterday to find I had a flat tyre due to a copper nail was a bit of  a drag.

Anyway, set about changing the wheel, only to discover the spare was worse than any tyre I’ve ever seen on a car, with the biggest dent in the rim you could get and still have a tyre intact on it! So that was out of the question, with the time constraints to make it to work, and the limited cooperation from local tyre dealers, I ended up getting a near new tyre from the scrap dealer, and heading back home to grab everything and go to work. (Tyre fine) Stopped at Westbury to get fuel…tyre flat (same wheel)….so pumped it up, and set off, got as far as Warminster…flat tyre.

At this point, I decided to put the spare on and take a slow, careful drive to work, so I set off again. Driving along the A36 at a sedate 40 mph and avoiding every bump and drain cover, and suddenly there is an awful noise from the back of the car. I stopped and went to the back expecting to see the wheel down on the rim, but no…I hadn’t latched the carrier up properly, so it had dropped down and was dragging along the the floor. So carry on, and made it to work….much to my, and everyone else’s, amazement.

When I went to the tyre centre round the corner in Downton to get it all put right, the South African chap that owns the place said…”Fuck me! You drove on THAT?” well….no….I put it on and carried the car here!…but anyway, he put it right and didn’t charge much, one brand new tyre, and straightened the rim out and made a good safe spare…so thank you Downton Tyre Services! It means I can drive over to sunny Wales and see my daughter and grandsons on Sunday 🙂 and believe me, I need some down time after the day yesterday and the night from hell on CNCs that followed…..thinking about it…when I found the flat tyre, I should have done the sensible thing and gone back to bed!!!

After seeing the weather forecast for SP2 area for tomorrow, I’d imagine that the people and parents going to the football tournament at South Newton tomorrow will be coming away and saying “one of those days” as they’re trying to dry out and warm up. Good luck to all those playing though, and the poor chap who spent hours getting everything looking nice for it.


About Steve

I'm a toolmaker by trade, still working hard programming, setting and running CNC mills and lathes. I do a 72 miles round trip each day for work, driving through some of the most beautiful countryside rural England has to offer along the Wylye Valley next to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. I've been married to my Irish wife Catherine for 21 years, and we have two children, Sam, 19 and Megan, 17. I also have two grown up children from being married before, Gary, 35 with two boys, Eddie and Alfie, and Jeani, 31 also with two boys, Alfee and Max. I love walking, gardening, cooking, reading, music and good wine! I'm also a fanatical cricket fan, and firmly believe that if all the guns were put down and factions settled their differences on the field, countries would all settle down peacfully and moan about the umpires....much more civilised, and a hell of a lot cheaper.
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One Response to One of those days!

  1. jen says:

    You’re a brave one I would have went back to bed!

    In any case have a good weekend with your daughter and grandsons. I’ve only seen pictures of Wales but they looked wonderful.

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