Earthquakes and more

So here we are in a week that has seen all sorts of strange and wonderful things. And a few too many awful ones as well.
The weather continues strange, too cold here, too cold in Canada (though they have it rather worse, -40 to -20 for the last three weeks in parts, here we have seen lows to -20) in my kneck of the woods it has gone down to -14, which is waaaayyyy low enough for me! While in Australia they are experiencing an above average seasonal high.
England have been accused of ball tampering in the 3rd test against South Africa, looks very much like sour grapes I’m afraid, one nil down in the series with one to play, England only need to draw to win!
All but 11 games in the football leagues in England, Scotland and Wales were cancelled yesterday(Saturday) and only one game survived in England today, all due to the weather of course.
There was an earthquake today just off the coast of California, a really unsafe place to live in my opinion, but there have been quite a few ‘quakes across that region of the globe the last few days, hope that nothing major is brewing.
Another journalist killed in Afghanistan, a Brit this time, following a Canadian a few days ago.

The Lady in Damascus has been suffering with a sore throat, poor dear…and I had a look at some of her artwork, a maturing talent, and one to watch, for words as well as pictures in the future, wonder what her singing voice is like?
Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if all that mattered was how much quality art a countriy’s populace produced…would that produce the enmity we have with religious differences, would people be prepared to die for the belief that their citizens were greater artists than ours?
I look at the divides that occur within nations, and think that it may be so – a bit like which end of the egg to open, that Gulliver had the right idea!

And to more important issues, a very lovely lady with a fine son finds herself at odds with a school authority that seemingly ignores human rights and sees it’s written rules and governances as above any concerns a parent may have for their child’s welfare, please read and give your support….
I know that there are many times when, no matter how much sympathy you feel for a person’s plight , it is difficult to give the support you feel they deserve, there also times when the mere fact that your understanding and empathy are given freely and without prejudice is a help, I know this from experience.

I’m going to sit down now and read some of Susan Kovalinsky’s work…google that name, and enjoy the journey through the world wide web.
These are the people who expand our horizons and make life worth living.


About Steve

I'm a toolmaker by trade, still working hard programming, setting and running CNC mills and lathes. I do a 72 miles round trip each day for work, driving through some of the most beautiful countryside rural England has to offer along the Wylye Valley next to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. I've been married to my Irish wife Catherine for 21 years, and we have two children, Sam, 19 and Megan, 17. I also have two grown up children from being married before, Gary, 35 with two boys, Eddie and Alfie, and Jeani, 31 also with two boys, Alfee and Max. I love walking, gardening, cooking, reading, music and good wine! I'm also a fanatical cricket fan, and firmly believe that if all the guns were put down and factions settled their differences on the field, countries would all settle down peacfully and moan about the umpires....much more civilised, and a hell of a lot cheaper.
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