It’s Winter!

With more ice and snow forecast, I’m really pleased I don’t have to go to work this week.
Reading the world news, I guess I should be glad that a bit of icy weather is all I have to worry about.
More deaths in Afghanistan, 8 children in one incident, along with two other civilians, alledgedly by allied forces. No way of winning hearts and minds and turning things around in that corner of the world, and a little more hate to pile onto the drifts already there.
More deaths in Pakistan, internal this time?
I sit and wonder sometimes at the actions of man, plenty of external enemies to worry about, and then kill or be killed by citizens of your own land because their sect is different.
Get the cricket gear out, grab a pint and sort it out that way, if we could ellevate all disputes to be sorted out on the cricket field, we could all start enjoying life and blaming it on the umpires….


About Steve

I'm a toolmaker by trade, still working hard programming, setting and running CNC mills and lathes. I do a 72 miles round trip each day for work, driving through some of the most beautiful countryside rural England has to offer along the Wylye Valley next to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. I've been married to my Irish wife Catherine for 21 years, and we have two children, Sam, 19 and Megan, 17. I also have two grown up children from being married before, Gary, 35 with two boys, Eddie and Alfie, and Jeani, 31 also with two boys, Alfee and Max. I love walking, gardening, cooking, reading, music and good wine! I'm also a fanatical cricket fan, and firmly believe that if all the guns were put down and factions settled their differences on the field, countries would all settle down peacfully and moan about the umpires....much more civilised, and a hell of a lot cheaper.
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